JavaOne 2007 Summary - Day Two

Posted by Aaron Walker on May 09, 2007 · 7 mins read
I missed the morning general session but it was only Oracle so who cares right...:)

Here's a list of the sessions I attended on day two:

  • TS-4089 - Web Beans Update
  • TS-2689 - Effective Java™ Reloaded: This Time It's for Real
  • TS-6475 - Fast, Beautiful, Easy: Pick Three--Building Web User Interfaces in the Java Programming Language with Google Web Toolkit
  • TS-3548 - Extreme GUI Makeover 2007
  • TS-2388 - Effective Concurrency for the Java Platform

TS-4089 - Web Beans Update
Gavin King, JBoss; Bob Lee, Google Inc.
Any session that has Gavin King speaking is going to be full whether you love him or hate him you simply can't ignore what his has to say. Now I have already done some working using the Seam framework that Gavin created and have been pretty impress with it from the start. This was my first real look at the Guice framework which was created by Bob and I must say it looks pretty impressive. What was good to see from this talk is that it's one camp trying to push their framework but they want to create a unifying component model using the best parts of both these frameworks plus any other input from the community. The resulting spec that comes from JSR will have significant impact to not only the JEE world but also JSE. The value of frameworks like Spring is seriously being challenged when I can use a framework that is based on standards but that's just my humble opinion.

TS-2689 - Effective Java™ Reloaded: This Time It's for Real
Joshua Bloch, Google Inc.
I read "Effective Java" sometime ago which is a very insightful book and every Java developer whether you have being programming Java for 10 minutes or 10 years should read this book. So I was really looking forward to this session especially as Joshua was cover some of the new language features added as part of Java 5 namely Generics. The session followed very closely the style of the book and Joshua outline my examples of correct and incorrect uses of Generics which many I wasn't aware of. So I'm really looking forward to the release of his next book let's hope it comes before next's years JavaOne...:)

TS-6475 - Fast, Beautiful, Easy: Pick Three--Building Web User Interfaces in the Java Programming Language with Google Web Toolkit
Bruce Johnson, Google; Joel Webber, Google
I have only taken a quick look at GWT thought it looked kind of promising and after this session I'm still left wondering the same things. Ok so it might be easy to build rich interactive web apps but I think it still missing something on the server side. The interaction between the client and the server still seems kludgy an just plain wrong. I think the work integrating it with something like JSF may improve the adoption but this just adds another technical layer to the mix. There has to be a better way I just don't what it is just yet. Maybe this can be a topic for another blog at some stage.

TS-3548 - Extreme GUI Makeover 2007
Christopher Campbell, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Shannon Hickey, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Hans Muller, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Romain Guy, Google
I totally suck at doing UI this is why I'm a server side guy but I thought I would see what all the fuss is about. I had seen some of the stuff that Romain Guy had done for previous JavaOne's and was pretty impressed this time was no exception. They took a very ordinary looking swing based real-estate app and really trick it out with custom cell-renders, custom slider components and other very cool UI components I know nothing about. It's given me a new respect for what can be done with a Java rich client app now if we had more UI's like these then Java on the desktop would be a done deal. I might even tinker with some of this stuff in the future, man what am I saying.....I'll be a UI guy before I know it....nah that'll never happen....

TS-2388 - Effective Concurrency for the Java Platform
Brian Goetz, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
For anyone doing any serious Java development then at some stage you will have to deal with concurrency issues and Brain's book "Java Concurrency in Practice" is a must read. Brain took a similar approach to his session that Joshua took with his. Hence the use of "Effective" in the title of the session. Brain focused on some techniques that will help you create correct and maintainable concurrent code these were mostly snippets from the book with a few new additions he's currently working on. Speaking from experience writing "correct" (I use this term loosely) concurrent programs is extremely hard and not for the faint hearted and bend and twist your brain in many painful ways...:)

JBoss Party
So I managed to catchup with a lot of the JBoss guy's I met at JBoss World last year in Las Vegas but since the party was pretty early it was MUCH more subdued then the party's in Vegas. It's always good to have a beer and talk tech they seem to be a good fit :) We got booted out quite early so we decided to crash the Google party but they would let us in so someone fairly senior at JBoss I won't name names managed to get us in the back way. Had a good chat to Bob Lee about Guice and is work on the Web Beans JSR also caught up with the 3 of the JavaPosse (Dick, Carl and Joe). The google party died pretty early as well so some of headed downstairs to one of the bars in the W Hotel to continue the drinking. Managed to get back to my hotel by about 2:30am and was actually not that drunk either..:)

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